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Covid Safe Ticket

Events organised by De Panne local authority will take place in accordance with applicable corona measures.

Specifically, that means guests must have their Covid Safe Tickets scanned at the entrance and show proof of identity at the same time. 

What is the Covid Safe Ticket?

Unlike the European corona certificate, which applies to travelling within the EU, the Covid Safe Ticket is specifically intended to give access  to events without you having to wear a face mask and mantain a distance of 1.5 metres. The CST is only valid in Belgium. 

The Covid Safe Ticket is identical to the European Corona certificate. You therefore need not apply for an additional document if you already have this certificate

On a technical level, the Covid Safe Ticket and the European corona certificate are identical. Both make use of a QR-code, which automatically appears on your smartphone via the CovidSafeBE app.

You can find more info about the Covid Safe Ticket at https://www.vlaanderen.be/cjm/nl/informatie-covid-19/covid-safe-ticket

Practical info:

Show your Covid Safe Ticket along with your proof of identity at the entrance to the event. The employees will scan your certificate and ask you to show your proof of identity. 

This applies to all events taking place in the tent on the beach:

  • and the entrepreneurs event on 14/9
  • the reception for residents & and holiday home owners on 18/9
  • the musical afternoon on 19/9 during the Weekend for Holiday Home Owners
  • the charity event on 21/9

Ensure you produce a valid COVID certificate at the entrance to the tent.

  • Do you not yet have a valid COVID certificate of vaccination (full vaccination + 2 weeks), or recovery (11 to 180 days after a positive test)? Then you can get a test certificate that is still valid for access to the event (valid for 48 hours after the sample was taken).
  • No rapid tests will be provided at the event.
  • Guests are not obliged to wear face masks in the tent.
  • You will need to show a valid certificate every day for multi-day events.

You should preferably use the COVIDsafe app ( COVIDsafe ), you can naturally also show a certificate printed on paper at the entrance.


Frequently asked questions

How is my Covid Safe Ticket checked? 

  • You must show your Covid Safe Ticket and identity card to the authorised employees on arrival.
  • Your medical data is not shared when we scan your CST. Employees see no personal data, just your name, date of birth, and QR code. These limited details are necessary to verify authenticity. 

Where can I obtain my Covid Safe Ticket?

  • You can request your CST digitally via CovidSafeBE app (mobile phone application, which you can download from the App Store, or via Google Play) and government websites Mijn Burgerprofielmijngezondheid.be or MyHealthViewer. To request certificates digitally, you need your identity card, pin code and a card reader, or some other activated digital key (e.g. itsme)
  • No smartphone or computer? Then you can also obtain a paper version of your CST via Mijn Gezondheid, Mijn Burgerprofiel, or via 078 78 78 50, amongst others. Your Corona Safe Ticket will then be sent via the post. You should however expect a wait of 1 week from ordering to receipt.

  When is my Covid Safe Ticket valid?  

  • If you have a vaccination certificate and you were vaccinated at least 14 days prior to the start of the concert.
  • If you have recovered from COVID for a maximum of six months.
  • If you have a valid Corona test certificate:
    • 48 hours for a PCR test
    • 24 hours for an antigen test (an antigen test can only be obtained from a pharmacist).
  • A valid COVID certificate provided by an EU country, EEA country, the United Kingdom, or Switzerland is valid for entry to large Belgian events.
  • The European certificate is valid and works on the CovidSafeBE app.

No valid Covid Safe Ticket means no entry. There will be no discussion about this

Can I be tested onsite?

  • It is not possible to be tested onsite.


Any additional questions to which you can't find the answer? Then email toerisme@depanne.be or call 058 42 97 38.